It is Valiant Energy Service’s mission is to deliver safe, efficient, and quality electrical and construction services to clients we know, in markets we understand well.  We endeavor to establish and maintain strong working and personal relationships with our clients.  Our officers and employees, work as team, sharing the common goal of delivering projects incident-free while providing world-class project execution, delivering projects on schedule, and on budget.


Safety Practices

Valiant Energy Service sets itself apart as a true safety first organization, with the safety of our employees and their families being paramount to our success and integral to achieving our mission.

We use the principles of planning, training, and communicating to ensure safe work environments. We work closely with our clients, insurance brokers, union representatives, and industry experts to produce a safe working environment.

Our engaged leadership embraces Human Performance principles that are embedded in our culture and values. It empowers individuals, alerts them to unsafe work settings and allows them to maintain positive control of their work through hazard identification and execution of the critical steps of their tasks. With our “Stop the Job” program, we leave no uncertainty about any individual’s authority to stop a job to resolve identified hazards, evaluate warning signs, and to ask questions and discuss uncertainties. This is accomplished with training and by providing insight as to why individuals tend to work through stopping points. Valiant Energy Service’s “Good Catch” and “Near Miss” program allows for prompt reporting and a proactive approach to sharing information and feedback on all good catches and near misses. We will perform a root cause analysis on a near miss independent of the client’s driver to improve our processes and eliminate the possibility of a similar occurrence. All good catch and near miss reports are recognized, communicated and rewarded with positive feedback.

The key to evaluating the success of our safe work strategy is our Job Site Safety Assessment Program. With our program, our engaged leadership team can assess our regulatory compliance, self-assess leadership effectiveness, and gauge the morale and culture of our site teams. The Job Site Safety Assessment program allows us to have visibility to on-site practices that may otherwise go unnoticed.

If leading indicators warrant corrective action, we believe that we owe our employees and our customers a thorough root cause analysis to identify causal factors and establish the true root cause. This allows us to implement clear, concise and workable corrective actions as well as provide a platform to focus on continuous improvement.