VES Safety Culture

Our engaged leadership embraces a Proactive Safety and Human Performance Culture that is embedded in our processes and values’. It empowers individuals, alerts them to hazards and allows them to maintain positive control of their work through identification and execution of the critical steps of their tasks. Our proactive safety culture’s number one goal is everyone goes home safely each and every day.

VES Proactive Safety Approach:

VES is committed to provide all employees with the tools to proactively prevent unwanted events before they occur.

Proactive Safety Programs:

  • Our “Stop the Job” program leaves no uncertainty about an individual’s authority to “Stop a Job” to resolve identified hazards, evaluate warning signs and to ask questions and discuss uncertainties. This is accomplished with training and by providing insight as to why individuals tend to work through stopping points.
  • Good Catch and Near Miss program allows for prompt reporting and a proactive approach to sharing information and feedback on all good catches and near misses. We will perform a root cause analysis on a near miss independent of the client’s driver to improve our processes and eliminate the possibility of a similar occurrence. All good catch and near miss reports are recognized, communicated and rewarded with positive feedback
  • Our Job Site Safety Assessment Program engages our leadership team to access our regulatory compliance, self-access leadership effectiveness and gauge the morale and culture of our site teams. This allows us to “Know” what we may otherwise “might not know”


With a culture of safety first, VALIANT ENERGY SERVICE has a 2021 & 2022 OSHA Safety record of 0.00 (TRIR), DART proving…

Safety Awards

Safety Excellence – 2022

Safety Excellence – 2021

Safety Excellence – 2018

Zero Injury – 2022

Zero Injury – 2021

Zero Injury – 2018