VES has the agility and experience to swiftly, easily and safely perform overhead, underground and telecom construction and maintenance requests.

Valiant Energy Service team has safely and successfully performed construction and maintenance projects on overhead and underground distribution circuits throughout the Northeast and have been called upon to support Storm Restoration Services from Maine to Florida.

Our Team focuses on client needs and protocols to leverage best practices to ensure that every project is delivered with integrity and craftsmanship. Valiant Energy Service is committed to the reputation of our clients and are respectful of all the client’s customers and environments that we encounter.

Our Project Delivery Model is crafted to deliver all work safely, on schedule and without cost overruns or excessive change orders. Providing the highest quality service to our client partners is a core value of Valiant Energy Service.

Distribution Services

  • Aerial, Overhead, and Under-ground Construction
  • Pole Sets, Replacements, and Transfers
  • Conversions: OH to OH, OH to URD
  • Energized Work
  • Transformer, Capacitors, And Switch Installation
  • Make Ready for Communication Infrastructure
  • Primary and Secondary Fault Repair
  • Conversion to Smart Grid
  • Manholes and Vault Construction
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Maintenance