Valiant Energy Service provides electrical and civil construction services, and electrical maintenance services for electric utility substations, and transmission and distribution power lines. Additionally, Valiant supports the gas industry with electrical maintenance, electrical construction, and electrical testing services.
Below is a brief list of the projects that demonstrate Valiant’s capabilities:

Current Projects:

Twin Lakes Substation: Replaced a 12kV circuit breaker and installed and relocated six (6) potential transformers. Removed and replaced twenty-one (21) 12kV disconnects, and six (6) 12kV load break disconnects. Installed a new 12kV pad mount metering transformer unit, and commissioned the existing 69kV-12kV transformer. Removed a 69kV cross yard tie, and installed a new 69kV manual air brake switch.

Landis Substation: Installed the conduit and grounding for 69kV to 12kV substation. Installed all underground raceways and a substation grounding grid.

Paulsboro-High Street-Woodstown Rebuild: Provided removal and reinstallation services for a combination of 573 wood and steel poles and existing overhead conductors. Additionally, provided installation of eighteen (18) miles of 69kV 795 conductor overhead line.

High Street Substation: Provided services for the construction of a new substation being built to support the Paulsboro section of the Paulsboro-High Street-Woodstown rebuild project. Installed the steel structures for the high voltage bus and high voltage cabling of the 69kV substation, and installed several 69kV disconnect switches, gas circuit breakers, a capacitance coupled voltage transformer, and a 40 MVA delta star 69kV to 12kV transformer. Built and installed the 12kV steel structure, 12kV vacuum circuit breakers, 12kV disconnects, and the new station service tower equipment.   Assembled and placed all the above grade conduit raceways, and pulled the secondary control cable. Installation of all above grade grounding.

Raccoon Creek River Crossing at Monsanto: Installed eleven (11) driven caissons, eleven (11) steel poles, two (2) wood poles, and 2,600 feet 795 conductor. Transferred the distribution under-build to the newly installed poles.

Penn DOT Northumberland Relocation: Relocated a 7,600kV single phase line to provide electrical service to existing customers while a new roadway was being constructed.

Monroe Substation: Removed and replaced four (4) 230 KV circuit breakers, and provided installation of new relay panel, and installed the underground raceways between circuit breakers. Completed the pulling of all the new control wiring from the relay panel to the circuit breakers.

Raccoon Creek: Installed six (6) concrete foundations and three (3) “H frame” steel poles and approximately 2,400 feet of new 69 kV 795 conductor.

Natural Gas Processing Facility: Provided instrument testing and field support for a commissioning project at a regional natural gas processing facility.

Relay in a Box:The Relay in a Box Program consists of unwiring and removing all relaying and control equipment from multiple feeders, trenching and installing new conduit between support columns and circuit breaker foundations, attaching new relaying and control equipment, mounting brackets, mounting new relay cabinets and pulling new conductors between new relay cabinets and circuit breakers.  This scope applies to six (6) separate substations with a total of nineteen (19) feeders.

Animal Guard, Lightning Arresters and Grounding Stud Installations: Five (5) substations were identified as needing improvements, based on animal related outages and failures.  Each sites’ scope varied in nature but, consisted of installing animal guards of varying types on 12kV equipment along with the replacement/re-location of arresters and grounding studs.

Completed Projects:

Hatfield Substation and Distribution: Completed the conversion of a “twin A” substation, and added a new circuit which included 26,000 feet of three (3) phase 12kV line, forty-six (46) new poles, twelve (12) anchors, and a variety of new equipment.

Market Street: Removed electrical service to an underground vault, and installed a new pad mount transformer. Upgraded approximately 200 feet of underground conductors.

Orwigsburg: Removed thirty-eight (38) condemned poles and replaced them with new wood poles to support an existing three (3) phase 12kV service.

Quarry Substation: Upgraded a new 7,600kV single phase circuit to provide temporary electrical service to feed a large substation project that is currently underway.

Lattice Tower Inspections: Manually inspected (climbed) ninety (90) towers in support of efforts to determine the structural integrity of existing “Core 10” steel lattice units.

500kV OPGW River Crossing: Provided the continuation of an approximately two (2) mile long OPGW line that travels from Delaware into New Jersey.

Hazelton OH Line Removal: Removed the support structure and conductor for an out of service circuit that included eighty-nine (89) wood poles and 46,000 feet of 2/0 conductor overhead line.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority Upgrades: Installed multiple steel poles and approximately 1000 feet of new conductor to support a 69kV line.

Electric Utility Dock Work:

  • Changed out condemned wood poles and replaced them with new wood poles for multiple existing 12kV lines.
  • Installed several underground and overhead services for new utility customers.
  • Upgraded various aerial and underground 12kV transformers